In Science this half term we are exploring Electricity. You can watch some video lessons HERE and then try these activities:

Activity Sheet Complete and Incomplete Circuits

Electricity Quiz

Activity Sheet Mains or Battery

Activity Sheet Insulators and Conductors

Activity Sheet Electricity Mind Map

Essential and Non-Essential Uses of Electricity Home Learning Task

In Spring 2, we will learn about Solids, Liquids and Gases. You can find some lessons HERE and then try these activities:

Solid, Liquid or Gas Activity Sheet

Solids, Liquids and Gases Activity

 Solids, Liquids and Gases Sorting


In our History lessons we are learning about the Romans. You can find some lessons HERE.

There are also some interesting video clips on BBC Bitesize and then try these activities:

Roman Soldier

Roman Soldiers

Roman Shield

Roman Numerals

Roman Empire

Colosseum Colosseum



Robins are currently learning the song Lean on Me. At home, they can login to Charanga to access the online learning materials.


This term we are learning about collecting data. They will use 2Graph on Purple Mash to input data and create their own graphs. 

Log into Purple Mash here

They will also continue developing their coding skills using Scratch.


In Art we are learning about Roman mosaics. You can take a tour of a Roman Villa HERE

Your child could use Swiggle to safely search for images of Roman Mosaics. They could then use magazines to try to make their own or try this colouring activity:

Mosaic Colouring


One of our topics in PSHE this term is about money. You can find watch some video lessons HERE


Please visit the school website for Mr Gill’s PE challenges: CLICK HERE