Year 1 Wider Curriculum


This unit from the Oaks Academy is similar to the unit we are teaching in school this half term. Your child can access the video lessons HERE .


This term our topic is Toys. You can watch some video lessons HERE and HERE then try these activities:


This term we are learning how to read pictograms. We will use 2Count on Purple Mash which you can access HERE 

We will also be practising algorithms (instructions) using Bee Bots. You could draw your own Bee Bot and practise this at home.

Art and Geography

We are linking our art lessons with our geography topic about Africa. You can watch some videos HERE with tips on drawing and then have a go at drawing animals from Africa.

You can watch some video clips about Nigeria in Africa on BBC Bitesize.


We are learning about pulse. You can watch some video lessons HERE.


In PSHE we learn about lots of different things that help us grow to be healthy,  happy and have relationships with others. You can watch some video lessons HERE.


Please visit the school website for Mr Gill’s PE challenges: CLICK HERE