This section is for children to complete as part of their basic skills learning. 

Here is the overview of the spelling programme we use in school. In this document you will find lists of words you could use to support your child with learning each pattern/rule.
Y1 spelling

The document below offers further ideas of short tasks your child could do when practising their spellings.
More spelling activity ideas

Here are more strategies for learning to spell words.
Spelling practice strategies

During the year your child will learn to spell some common exception words. These are words which are not phonetically plausible (you can’t write all the sounds like c-a-t) but they are very important to becoming independent writers. Below is the list they will need to learn by the end of Year 1.
Year 1 common exception words

Spelling Activity 1

Spelling Activity 2

Spelling Activity 3

Spelling Activity 4

Spelling Activity 5