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Supporting Reading in Year 4

There are many ways to help your child with reading at home. Have a look at the letter below for more details.

Supporting Reading KS2

Here is a copy of the reading strategies we use in school. These are ways we teach your child how to work out an unknown word.

KS2 Reading Strategies

If your child is engaging with home learning you could:
* Set aside time for your child to read their school reading book and encourage them to talk to you about it.
* If your child has their own books you could ask them to do a task based on their favourite book. They could write a book review, read their book to a sibling, find another similar book or even turn their books into a home library.
* Listen to a story online click here or learn how to draw well-known characters click here.

Your child could also try some of the comprehension activities below:

Gunpowder Plot Comprehension – 3 Levels

Theseus and the Minotaur Comprehension – 3 Levels

The story of Arachne Comprehension – 3 Levels

Quest of Perseus Comprehension – 3 Levels

Pet Cats Comprehension – 3 Levels

Icarus Comprehension – 3 Levels

Greece Comprehension – 3 Levels

Carnival Comprehension – 3 Levels

Lion and the Mouse Comprehension – 3 Levels