The following challenges are designed so that they can be played by anyone at any age. The equipment needed can be easily accessed at home – you shouldn’t need any specialist equipment.

Please read the instructions for each activity. There is a short video for each of the activities to support the instructions. You don’t need to complete every activity, there are plenty to choose from. Once you have completed an activity record your score on the attached score sheet and return your sheet to Mr Gill,  when you return to school. Once we have all the returned score sheets Mr Gill will be able to work out how well you have done compared to the rest of the children in the year group  and you will receive a certificate for taking part. You can record several attempts at each activity if wish to improve your scores. If you can’t print the score sheet you can just write down the activity number with your scores for when you return to school. Download the score sheet here. Good luck!

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