1. Collect 4 pairs of socks to mark out a square as shown in the video. Please make sure you that have you enough space to do this activity, so going outside would be preferable. Ask permission before you do this activity indoors.
2. You will need a ball or another pair of socks which you are going to catch and a helper who is going to throw you the ball or socks from outside the square.
3. Stand in the middle of the square to start.
4. You are going to side step to each of the 4 corners in turn (you can go to any corner first), returning to the middle after going to each corner.
5. After the last corner, your helper is going to throw you the ball or socks straight down the middle of the square. You need to try and catch it without it bouncing. Keep your head up and those feet moving!
6. Repeat this 5 times.
7. How many successful catches can you make.
8. Your score will be between 0-5.
9. Remember to be honest when submitting your results.

Extension Activity
Try having your partner throw the ball in at anytime, whilst you move to each corner. The aim is to always catch the ball before it bounces.

Variations for SEND pupils