Find out more about symmetrical 2D shapes.

To recognise and describe repeating patterns

In this lesson you will recognise and create shape patterns using 2-D shapes. You will continue patterns, identify missing shapes in patterns and describe them.

Fractions problems

We are continuing with solving word problems about fractions today. Please complete the questions on the attached sheet. Remember to use sharing circles or a bar model grid to help you share a number into equal parts/ fractions. Download Worksheet

Representing data in a tally chart and pictogram

In this lesson, you will be creating a tally chart and interpreting data from a scaled pictogram.

Quarter past and quarter to

When the minute hand of a clock has moved from 12 and travelled a quarter of the way around the clock to point at 3, this is quarter past the hour. The hour hand also moves and is a quarter of the way from one number to the next one.