Making equal groups

Today we will continue with making equal groups. Please repeat the video link from yesterday to consolidate the learning and complete the activity provided. Download Worksheet Watch Video

Multiply using equal groups

For the next few weeks we will be focussing on multiplication and division. We will today be explaining to the child how to multiply using equal groups, this will be using the 2’s, 5’s and 10’s counting they have done previously. Watch Video Download Worksheet

Recapping Place Value within 50 by ordering numbers

To continue with recapping Place Value within 50 by ordering numbers. When doing so remember to ask questions such as what number comes before or after? Also look at the tens and ones discussing which order they should go. Watch Video Download Worksheet

Numbers to 50

This week we are looking at recapping our Place Value within 50. Today we will be starting with looking at the order and numbers used within 50. Download Worksheet Watch Video

Number bonds to 20

Today we are completing a quick session on recalling our number bonds to 20. This can still be done with counters etc if needed for support. Download Worksheet

Recapping subtraction strategies

Today we are focussing on recapping subtraction strategies within 20. Please watch the link and complete the activity. The children should be able to apply these strategies independently. Watch Video Download Worksheet

Add by making 10

We are continuing to practise adding numbers within 20 today to recap what we have previously learnt. Watch Video Download Worksheet

Recapping addition and subtraction within 20

For the rest of this week and next week we will be focussing on recapping addition and subtraction within 20. Please watch the video link above and complete the activity attached. To do the activity simply practise counting on from the greater number using the method of the greatest number in your and smaller number […]