Making equal groups

Today we will be recapping on making equal groups for division before moving on to sharing into equal groups. Download Worksheet

Make equal groups

Today please continue to the theme of division with making equal groups. Still using practical objects to support the learning. Download Worksheet Watch Video


This week the Puffins are moving on to division. First, we will be starting with understanding how to make equal groups (activity). You will need some objects such as buttons, pasta to help with counting. This is a practical lesson to develop the understanding of making equal groups. Watch Video

Makes Doubles

Please watch the video link again to recap the learning on doubles then complete the activity sheets. Download Worksheet Watch Video

Make doubles

Moving on from arrays we will applying our number knowledge to doubles, showing the link between doubling and timings the amount by 2. Download Worksheet Watch Video

Making arrays

We are continuing with multiplication. Today please complete the making arrays activity video and making arrays video. Once complete the sheet to reinforce the learning. Download Worksheet Watch Video

Adding equal groups

Now that the children should have a firm understanding of making equal groups to support their multiplication, we are now moving on to adding the equal groups. Download Worksheet Watch Video


This week we are continuing with our multiplication, starting with recapping and applying how to make equal groups. Download Worksheet Watch Video

Practising 2’s 5’s and 10’s

Within class we are taking a day to recap counting multiples using 2s 5s and 10s. Watch the video links for the 2s 5s and 10s recap and complete this activity. Download Worksheet Watch Video