Finding out a unit fraction

In Maths today the children will be using their knowledge of finding out a unit fraction of an amount to a non-unit fraction of an amount. Download Worksheeet

Making equal groups

Today we will be recapping on making equal groups for division before moving on to sharing into equal groups. Download Worksheet

Finding units of amounts

This is a recap lesson on finding units of amounts using bar models. We will be using bar models to help us find fractions of amounts. Children will be able to identify the use of division for this. Download Worksheet

Hundredths as decimals

Watch the video and make notes in your home learning book or a piece of paper. Spr4.10.4 – Hundredths as decimals from White Rose Maths on Vimeo.

Make equal groups

Today please continue to the theme of division with making equal groups. Still using practical objects to support the learning. Download Worksheet Watch Video

Finding units of amounts using bar models

In today’s lesson we will be moving on from counters and using bar models to help us find unit fractions of amounts and example of this would be to find 1/4 of 16. Download Workshe

Subtracting fractions

Today is subtracting fractions. Download Worksheet Spr5.7.4 – Subtract fractions from White Rose Maths on Vimeo.

Solving ratio and proportion problems

We are now coming to the end of our ratio unit of work. For the rest of this week we will be focusing on solving ratio and proportion problems. Download Worksheet 1 Download Worksheet 2