1. Find 5 pieces of paper or card and write the number ‘1’ on two pieces of paper, write the number ‘3’ on two pieces of paper and on the final paper write the number ‘5’.
2. Find a flat wall and use tape to attach the numbered paper to the bottom of the wall (you could also use chalk to draw a square and write the numbers in each square).
3. Position the numbers in the following order 1,3,5,3,1 on the bottom of the wall.
4. Collect a ‘golf club’ to use as a putter (e.g. bat, tennis racket, hockey stick, golf putter, large stick, plank of wood etc).
5. Collect 1 small soft ball (tennis, sponge, plastic, rubber, rolled up socks etc).
6. Set up the area (See video) with numbers in order on the bottom of a flat wall and walk 3 large strides from the wall place a marker down to act as your ‘tee’ where you ‘putt’ from.
7. From the ‘tee’ putt your ball towards the numbered cards – whichever number your ball hits is the number of points you score – fetch your ball return to the ‘tee’ and putt again.
8. How many points can you score in 30 seconds?
9. Get someone to time you and record your points each time you try this challenge.
10. Remember to submit your scores when you have practised and completed your challenge and remember to be honest when submitting your scores too.

Variations for SEND pupils