1. Collect 10 pairs of socks or small balls; a bat of some kind – Rounders bat, tennis racket, small cricket bat, rolling pin or thick stick of wood; some markers to mark the batting spot and where to hit to and finally ask a parent or sibling to bowl for you.
2. This activity is ideal for outisde. If you are doing this inside please ask permission and ensure you have enough space around you, that you won’t hit anything off the wall!
3. Place a marker for the batting area ( this is where you will bat from) on the floor and then take 4 large steps from the batting area and create a triangle with the remaining markers. This forms your goal.
4. The bowler (helper) bowls to the batter and the batter tries to hit the ball/socks through the markers on the ground (the bottom of part of the triangle).
5. See how many socks/balls you can get through the markers out of 10.
6. If you are unable to find a helper, throw the socks yourself from one hand and try and hit them through the markers.

Extension activity
• Swap roles

Variations for SEND pupils