1. Collect the following equipment: 3 medium to large empty plastic bottles (this is your wicket) and at least 1 pair of socks (this is your ball) or a small soft ball if you have one.
2. Stand the bottles up together, take 10 medium sized steps away from them and place a marker. This can be a cone, pillow, or anything else suitable that will mark your position.
3. Perform an under arm bowl (or if you are feeling confident an over arm bowl) at the wicket using the ball or pair of socks. If you knock down 1 object you will get 1 point, if you knock down 2 objects you will get 2 points and if you knock down all three objects you will get 3 points.
4. You will bowl a total of 6 balls, which represents an over in cricket. After each bowl, stand the objects that you knocked over back up, return to your marker and bowl again.
5. Add up all the points you earn and submit your score as a number once complete.
6. Please remember to be honest when submitting your results.

Variations for SEND pupils