1. Grab a ball (any size or shape), pair of socks, toilet roll or rolled up paper. If you have a rugby ball or American football that is even better, but it’s not essential.
2. Find a safe space with plenty of room around you.
3. Set up a target (plastic bottle, soft toy, stack of toilet rolls) on a chair, table, wall or other raised surface.
4. Take 5 steps back from your target.
5. Stand side on to the target, as you would if you were passing towards a team mate in rugby.
6. Using a rugby style “pass”, try to use your ball / socks / toilet roll / paper to knock your target over.
7. You have 30 seconds (not 5 attempts as stated in the video) to knock down the target as many times as possible.
8. Try doing the above two more times, and record these scores too.

Variations for SEND pupils