1. Grab a ball (any size or shape), pair of socks, toilet roll or rolled up paper. If you have a rugby ball or American football that is even better, but it’s not essential.
2. Find a safe space with plenty of room around you.
3. Start with your ball / socks / toilet roll / paper in two hands and throw it up in to the air as straight as possible.
4. As your ball / socks / toilet roll / paper comes back down towards you, try to ensure you are underneath it and able to catch it with both hands – ideally you don’t want to move.
5. Count how many steps you take before catching the ball / socks / toilet roll / paper.
6. You will throw your ball / socks / toilet roll / paper in to the air 5 times.
7. Add up the total number of steps you took over the 5 throws… This is your score for your first go.
8. Try doing the above two more times, and record these scores too.
9. The lowest score (least number of steps) will be your best score.

Variations for SEND pupils