1. For this activity you will require a smooth table (check with an adult that it is okay to use this), five jar lids, and some pens and paper.
2. You will do this activity seated from one end (short side) of the table.
3. Write the numbers 1, 2, 5 and 10 each on a separate piece of paper, and line these up along one of the longest sides of the table with 1 being closest to the end you are seated at and 10 being at the furthest end.
4. From your seated position, push the first jar lid (smooth side down) along the table. The aim is to get your jar lid to stop in line with the number 10, but it is great if you are able to get it to stop in line with any of the numbers.
5. Now push each of the remaining four jar lids across the table from your seated position, one at a time, aiming to get them to stop in line with the number 10.
6. You can push the jar lids with your hand(s) or with a pusher such as a wooden spoon, and you may wish to use a ramp such as a chopping board (see STEP adaptations below).
7. Once you have pushed all five jar lids, it’s time to count up your score for your first attempt. To do this you will need to work out which number (1, 2, 5 or 10) each of the jar lids sits in line with. Then add each of the numbers together to find your score.
8. You can submit up to three scores for this activity, so have at least another two goes at pushing five jar lids across the table. See if you can beat your previous score.
9. If you are going to put the jar lids back on to jars once you finish this activity, it is important that you remember to give them a bit of a clean first.
10. Remember to be honest when submitting your results. If you wish to find out more about Panathlon Challenge, click on their logo.

Additional Variations