1. Find 3 small, soft balls or objects (e.g. pairs of socks) that you can place on the floor.
2. As shown in the video/picture below: place the first ball/object 3 steps away from the start line at an angle of 45 degrees, place the 2nd ball/object 6 steps away at an angle of 45 degrees and place the 3rd ball/object 9 steps away in a straight line.
3. Now run and collect ball/object 1 and place it on the start line, then collect ball/object 2 and place it on the start line followed by ball/object number 3. Each ball/object must then be returned back to where you collected it from (as shown in the video/picture).
4. Ask a family member/friend to use a stop watch to record your time, using the command ‘On your marks, go’.
5. The time you record will be how long it took you to collect the 3 balls/objects (one at a time) and then return them (one at a time).
6. Record and submit your time to 1 decimal place. e.g. 35.6 seconds. If your time exceeds 1 minute, covert this is all to seconds so 1 minute 25 seconds would be 85.0 seconds.
7. Please remember to submit your results honestly.

Variations for SEND pupils