1. Find 8 small items you can use as targets (e.g. small soft toy, shoe, small cushion, cans, plastic bottles, empty plastic milk bottles etc). These are your skittles.
2. Set the 8 skittles 1 foot apart (use your foot to measure the distance) in a pyramid formation.
3. From the pyramid walk 2 large steps away and place a marker down – this is your tee (it can be a line or cone e.g. use chalk to mark the line etc).
4. Collect a ‘golf club’ (e.g. bat, tennis racket, hockey stick, golf putter, large stick, plank of wood etc).
5. Collect 3 small soft balls (tennis, sponge, plastic, rubber, rolled up socks etc).
6. Stand on the ‘Tee’ and aim at the skittles – the first skittle you hit collect it and your ball and place it by the tee then aim again – how many can you clear in 60 seconds?
7. If you clear all the skittles and you have time remaining – pause the timer, reset all the skittles and continue.
8. If your ball hits more than one skittle you only collect the first one the ball hits not all the skittles the ball touches.
9. Get someone to time and record your results.
10. Remember to submit your scores when completed.
11. Please remember to be honest when submitting your scores.

Adaptations for SEND pupils