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10. Tri-golf: Zone Ball Challenge

1. Find 6 small items you can use to mark the ‘tees’ (e.g. small soft toy, shoe, small cushion, cans, plastic bottles, empty plastic milk bottles etc).
2. Collect a small box or flat sided basket (needs to sit flat on the ground and not have a raised edge as ball will not go in the box).
3. Collect a ‘golf club’ (e.g. bat, tennis racket, hockey stick, golf putter, large stick, plank of wood etc).
4. Collect 5 small soft balls (tennis, sponge, plastic, rubber, rolled up socks etc)
5. Set up the area (See diagram) take 2 large steps (2m) from the box place 2 markers 1m apart. Then take 2 large steps (2m) further away and place 2 markers 1m apart, finally take another 2 steps (2m) away from the box and place final 2 markers 1m apart

6. Choose which ‘tee’ (X) you would like to play from – nearest, middle or furthest away. ‘Putt’ your ball from your chosen ‘tee’ towards the box. The ball needs to go into the box and stay in it to score points.
7. If you putt from the nearest ‘tee’ remember the ball must stay in the box and you earn 3 points.
8. If you putt from the middle ‘tee’ remember the ball must stay in the box and you earn 5 points.
9. If you putt from the furthest ‘tee’ remember the ball must stay in the box and you earn 10 points.
10. You can change your ‘tee’ at any time during your 5 attempts
11. Get someone to record your points each time you try this challenge.
12. Remember to submit your scores when you have practised and completed your challenge and please be honest when submitting your scores.

Variations for SEND pupils